We are a volunteer and donation driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing support for homeless and less than fortunate individuals in mason county. Please help us to help them in so many ways.


See our events and meetings for community lifeline such as meals, campaigns and rented space schedule. We have a full commercial kitchen for meals and events. Additionally we will post board meetings as well.


See a list of support organizations available in Mason County. Many organizations are cross fed with each other for helping those in need. We can't do it all on our own and neither can others. Please see an "ongoing" list of support available here.

Latest News & Updates

  • HOPE Garden Project...

    Another great organization partnered with Community Lifeline. HOPE empowers Mason County youth to develop healthy lifestyles and make positive choices through access to gardening, good food, movement and community. Check out their website at : Continue Reading
  • Asset Building Coalition of Mason C...

    One of the services housed in the Community Lifeline Building helping to build community and empower people! Please check out their Facebook page at ;   Continue Reading